Barn Quilt Wall Art

Barn Quilt Wall Art


What the heck is a barn quilt?

A quilt with the image of a barn? A fabric quilt that you drape over a barn door? Or maybe to cover yourself when you slept in the barn?

Nope – a barn quilt display is actually a large piece of painted wood that looks like a single quilt block and decorates the side of a barn or other large structure like houses and garages. We’ve taken the art a step further and reduced the size to make stunning Americana Barn Quilt Wall Art.

Visitors to your home or office will want a wall art quilt for their home decor when they see it hanging above your fireplace or decorating your favorite wall (maybe even outside decorating your front porch)! And as barn quilts have a colorful United States history, Americana Barn Quilt Squares also serve as lively conversation pieces.

Simple Shapes Make Beautiful Wall Art

Most barn quilts are painted sections of metal or plywood made of simple geometric shapes - squares, rectangles and triangles. They're usually painted in bright, solid colors, though every now and then you’ll come across one that looks like a more complex printed fabric.

Actual Barn Quilts are large, averaging 8 feet square feet. My wall art barn quilts are scaled down versions of full size barn quilts designed to be displayed in the home and office. They are unique art pieces that measure 14” x 14”, and are beautiful and colorful additions to your home or office decor.

All of my Americana Garden Barn Quilts are made from ¼ inch MDF, precision cut with a CNC machine and barn wood or pallet wood is used for any custom framing. The quilt blocks are primed, then colorful multiple layers of paint are used with lots of love.

Custom Request? My barn quilt wall art designs are custom made and can be special ordered in various sizes and colors, and delivered within 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the piece. Email or message me for a quote.


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