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Espresso Black Serving Tray | Personalized

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Espresso Black Serving Tray | Sturdy enough for everyday use, attractive enough for display.
Part Number: ESP7DGN140
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Feature: The hardboard insert is gloss finish.
Feature: The black hardwood sides are pre-assembled with your personalized insert.
Feature: If you ever want to change the insert, it's easy to remove by removing the black screws.

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Personalized Espresso Black Serving Tray

This unique personalized serving tray has a black finish, making the panel insert stand out.

The serving tray can be used for its original purpose (to carry or serve food or drinks), and it always brings excitement when bringing your guests a tray of hot cinnamon rolls! A popular alternative to using your tray for food is to hang it on your wall or stand it on a display shelf. Its 3D/shadow box appearance looks great and quickly becomes a fun conversation piece.

  • Q: How do I personalize my food tray?
  • A: Be as creative as you like. If you have a favorite image of your granddaughter, just upload the digital file to me and I'll imprint the image to your tray. The higher the image the better - suggested 300dpi but I will do my best to work with lower resolutions if that's all you have. I'll send you a picture of your finished personalized serving tray for your approval prior to shipment.
  • Q: Can I have something else other than an image imprinted to my tray?
  • A: Yes, you can also use text, logos, coats of arms, monograms, etc.
  • Q: What are the measurements of the serving tray?
  • A: 13.875" x 8.875"
  • Q: Is the full bottom panel imprintable or just part of it?
  • A: Nearly all of it - 13 inches x 8 inches of the complete panel is imprintable.

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