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Custom Canvas Prints

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Custom Canvas Prints

Tired of the old flat surface, glossy, uninspiring pictures on your wall? Check out our premium Custom Canvas Prints. They feature vivid, bright colors on a thick and waterproof canvas textured cloth. You'll love the amazing imaging effects and vivid colors.

Textured Matte Photo Canvas mounted in a vintage wooden frame can be personalized with a favorite photo of a relative, friend, teacher, pet or an event that was special in your life. When you upload the picture to us, we use a sublimation process to imprint the image to premium textured canvas cloth, then stretch it over the frame.

Custom canvas prints are wonderful for wedding photos, personal photos, baby photos, star celebrity hanging pictures, posters, life photos, design drafts, original hand-painted creations, and much more.

This matte photo canvas is especially suitable for pictures with full-color graphics, reproductions of art, various landscape photos,and portraits.

Adding important and meaningful photos to your home with a custom canvas print is one way to add a personal touch to your decor. This farmhouse vintage style wood frame with artists' canvas allows you to display those photos in a unique and beautiful way.

Q: Can you put the image of my choosing on my canvas art?
A: Yes - just up load the hi-def image and I'll take it from there.
Q: How is the canvas art attached?
A: I use a method called "Gallery Wrap", which is a method of stretching the canvas so that the canvas wraps around the sides of the stretcher bars and is secured to the back of the wooden frame.The frame is usually 0.75" thick, and the hardware (staples or tacks) used to secure the canvas are not visible. This method of stretching and preparing a canvas allows for a frame-less presentation of the finished painting or photograph. It is now considered "framed" and ready to hang.
Q: Can the finished, gallery wrapped canvas be mounted in a display frame?
A: Yes - a "floating" wooden display frame sized to fit the art is included in the price. Approximately 1/4" spacing within the frame and around the art gives it that "floating" effect.
Q: Will the coloring be good?
A: You'll love your vivid colorful canvas wall art.
Q: Can my canvas wall art be placed on a desktop or tabletop instead of being hung on the wall?
A: Sure, many of my customers do that very thing. The width of the frame is generally enough to keep it upright. If you prefer that it be more secure, a supporting backing with tongue can be attached.
Q: Will my custom canvas be made in your shop or is it outsourced?
A: It is constructed by me here in Michigan. It starts by sublimating your image to a high quality artist canvas, then wrapping and attaching the canvas to the frame. If you choose to order a frame, your canvas wall art will be mounted to the frame and ready to hang.

Custom Canvas is a great surface for recreating beautiful artistic image prints. Today, discerning consumers love the authentic look canvas gives to fine art prints – almost as though it were an original.

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